What is Qigong? - Healing24

What is Qigong? - Healing24

Qigong is ancient gymnastics

Qigong, (also ch'i kung, chi kung) can be translated into energy exercise. The term qi means life energy and gong means exercise. Qigong, which is part of traditional Chinese medicine, is an ancient form of gymnastics where you activate qi, the life energy, through breathing exercises and harmonious movements.

Increased body strength and flexibility

Through calm, concentrated movements, conscious breathing and mental relaxation, you gain flexibility and feel inner peace and balance. The method is said to provide increased body strength, flexibility, coordination and mobility, reduce stress in everyday life and strengthen self-healing ability and self-confidence.

Based on the movements of the animals

Initially, qigong exercises based on the movements of the animals were used. These exercises have since been further developed into today's movement exercises. It is generally said that there are over 2000 different styles of qigong. They may differ a lot or a little, but often they have different approaches and training techniques. The existing oldest tradition of qigong in China is within the traditional lines of Taoism. The Taoists in China were focused on spiritual training, and realized early on that the surest way to perform in-depth spiritual training was to have a healthy and stable physical body.

There is an excellent introductory film about qigong called Qigong for beginners from the Qigong Academy.

Qigong different styles

Among the major themes that exist within the various styles include Taoist qigong and Buddhist qigong. There are also versions of qigong practiced mainly by Confucians, martial artists or practitioners of the original version of zen, which in China is called Chan.

Qigong changed a lot during the 20th century as more and more people learned to practice qigong. In the past, qigong in China was secret or hidden in monasteries. But that changed in the early 20th century, and qigong culminated in the health policies of the Communists in the 1950s. You can still see people practicing qigong in the streets and squares of early mornings in China. In recent years, the method has also become popular in the western world.

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Qigong for beginners

Wikipedia information about Qigong

Qigong Qigong (Chinese, simplified: 气功, traditional: 氣功, pinyin: qìgōng), can be translated as "qi exercise" or "movement of qi". The method consists of mental concentration, simple movements and breathing to improve the circulation of energy in the body. Qigong was developed in China as one of five main methods in traditional Chinese medicine with the aim of preventing and treating diseases. China's philosophical and spiritual traditions as well as martial arts have also contributed to the development of qigong.

Synonyms for qigong

  • Chinese health gymnastics, movement meditation, meditative movement exercises